What clients have to say about their KPK Realty experience.


January 31st, 2012


In the summer of 2011 I decided to purchase my first house. I contacted Keith and we had our first meeting within the next few days.

Keith took my business very seriously, from the very early planning stages to the closing in December. Since this was my first house, I needed all the advice I could get and Keith was always there to answer any of my questions. His background as an engineer proved to be invaluable, as he was quick to pinpoint structural or cosmetic issues with houses that we saw on the market. Keith recommended other professionals, and did a lot of work himself, working out the comps, the offers and the counter-offers, all the visible and hidden aspects of brokering a deal.

Most importantly to me, however, was the way Keith handled the process of searching for a house and zooming in on the one that I liked. His interests were always my priority and I NEVER had that "dealer customer" feeling, when you are on the parking lot of a car dealer, when everything seemingly is going smoothly, but you feel like you are being pushed into a deal, that you would not accept otherwise. On the contrary, Keith was always accommodating if I wanted to see more houses or take some time to think. He gave me his honest advice and answered my questions, letting me make my own decisions, based on all the information available.

I would recommend Keith Kozielski to anybody looking to buy or sell property. Especially if it's your first time buying a house - you will need all the help you can get and Keith will be there to provide it.



Morrison, CO


December 12th, 2011


Keith expertly navigated the short sale process for me. This was a long, drawn out process and I knew that it was taken care of because Keith consistently communicated with me and the bank. I’ve talked to people in other states who had such trouble keeping their heads above water during a short sale. I have to say my experience was stress-free as far as the right realtor was concerned. I so appreciate Keith’s dedication and consistency that was required for a successful sale. It was difficult to be in such a disappointing situation, but Keith really put my mind at ease and gave me hope. Such a weight has been lifted for me. I will always call on and recommend Keith and KPK Realty for any real estate needs.


Denver, CO


October 10th, 2011

2 Years ago I realized that the condo I had bought several years before to use as a rental and hopefully insure my retirement, was doing completely the opposite. As the economy began to go down the tubes, I could not rent it for enough to pay the mortgage payment. I was taking money from my savings each month to pay the mortgage. I was pushing myself further and further away from being able to retire. A friend had previously used Keith Kozielski and raved about how professional and kind he was and urged me to call him. She explained what a marvelous job he had done for her short sale. So I called him. What a Blessing. He saw me thru 1 ½ years of mental anguish, crying and sleepless nights. He was there for me 24/7 with encouragement and perseverance. I often told him he was my shrink! He was kind and understanding with me and constantly kept me up dated. He must have made hundreds of calls to the mortgage company in order to get my short sale moving forward. He eased the guilt that I was ... I had bought several years before to use as a rental and hopefully insure my retirement, was doing completely the opposite. As the economy began to go down the tubes, I could not rent it for enough to pay the mortgage payment. I was taking money from my savings each month to pay the mortgage. I was pushing myself further and further away from being able to retire. A friend had previously used Keith Kozielski and raved about how professional and kind he was and urged me to call him. She explained what a marvelous job he had done for her short sale. So I called him. What a Blessing. He saw me thru 1 ½ years of mental anguish, crying and sleepless nights. He was there for me 24/7 with encouragement and perseverance. I often told him he was my shrink! He was kind and understanding with me and constantly kept me up dated. He must have made hundreds of calls to the mortgage company in order to get my short sale moving forward. He eased the guilt that I was feeling from having to do a short sale as my last resort. I would encourage anyone who needs help to call Keith. He is a wizard with short sales. He is my Guardian Angel and still today 4 months later offers to help me in any way if ever I need him. Just call him! It was the Best Decision I ever made.


Denver, CO

December 20th, 2010

Our story begins in the end of 2008. We had just purchased a new home and had a lease signed to rent or old home. All was going well until the party who signed the lease disappeared without a trace. We were desperate to find another renter since or new mortgage payment was about to begin and we could not pay both payments. We were unable to find another renter and were forced to become delinquent on or first home. So we decided to sell the home.

We listed the property with a Realtor and quickly realized we could not sell the home for what we owed. This Realtor was inexperienced in short sales and could not handle this complicated transaction. She recommended we call Keith for she knew he is a short sale specialist. Upon meeting Keith we knew he was the right Realtor for the job. He explained the process and educated us so we felt good about our decisions. He quickly went to work and obtained several offers on the property. He submitted all the required paperwork to our lender and began negotiating with them on our behalf. After a couple of months he received approval from our lender to allow us to sell the property for less than what we owed. Keith had several major obstacles to overcome concerning our lender and judgments again the property, but he negotiated an outcome which allowed us to avoid foreclosure and move on and enjoy our new home. Life was good again until the spring of 2009.

Thomas was released from his job of 25 years due to cutbacks. In that same week his Mother passed away. We kept up our payments using our saving to supplement the income from Thomas’s part time job. Finding another full time job proved to be impossible in this depressed economy and after depleting our savings we became delinquent on our mortgage payments once again.

Our lender began calling to collect the late payments. We tried to work with them to modify our loan to a lower payment that our income could support. They put us into several forbearance agreements starting in December of 2009, but they kept changing the terms and payment amount which we could not meet. We were desperate and even contacted a law firm who guaranteed they can negotiate a loan modification with our lender. After paying them several thousand dollars we were still in the same predicament and now facing foreclosure. We were misled by our lender and the law firm to the point where they wouldn’t even speak with us anymore and said we must either foreclose or short sale the property. The foreclosure sale date was set for November 17th, 2010. We had no where else to turn so we prayed to God for help.

Our prayers brought Keith back into our lives. We were 2 months away from the foreclosure sale and felt that all our options were spent. Keith took over and put together a loan modification application on our behalf and submitted all the required personal and financial statements in a professionally prepared report. Initially he made our lender see that we were great candidates for one of the government loan programs. They submitted the file for underwriting review. Even with this initial approval we kept getting a different answer from the representatives we spoke to. Keith called three times a week despite the rejections we kept receiving from the lender. They said we were close to a year delinquent on our payments and that there were no options left for us. Keith didn’t agree. He knew the program guidelines and kept calling. Keith and I spoke to our lender close to 50 times in a two month period. Even though we persuaded them to keep resubmitting the file for review the foreclosure date was not being postponed. The date was now November 15th. We called for an update as usual and received the same message as we did 50 times before – “no approval yet and no postponement on the foreclosure sale date”. Keith said “we’ll call tomorrow 5 times if we need to”. He was determined to keep fighting for us until the end. November 16th – one day before the foreclosure sale – We called the lender and began to try to get in touch with the right people to make this happen. Keith knew that talking to the operator would get us no where. He made the operator call and email the key decision makers and we sat on hold for over an hour while the contacts were made. Miraculously, the operator received confirmation from the negotiator that the loan modification was approved and the foreclosure sale would be postponed. Talk about tears of joy - Keith had just accomplished in two months what we were told was a dead end after 9 months. His persistence and true care for our well being save our house from foreclosure. Not only did he go above and beyond for us, he never asked for anything in return for his time. He said helping us now will guarantee good things to come for his future.

So with the highest regards we praise Keith for his time, dedication, attention to detail, and determination to see us through. He saved us twice from foreclosure! What an amazing feat in a market where people accept foreclosure as their only option. He is a true example of hero - someone fighting for those who need help the most in the worst of times. We turned to God for help and he gave us Keith. Thank you Keith for making our lives secure once again.


Thomas & Christine

Brighton, CO

September 21, 2010

My wife and I are first time home buyers. We attend a small church in Lakewood and word got around quickly that we were delving into home ownership. We were given many references by many people who said this guy is good that guy is good etc. etc. blah blah blah! Well with all of that said a good and dear friend of ours gave us a phone number and told us to call Keith...who had helped them save their home....we did (Thank God! )We met Keith at a Starbucks (Ii liked him already) and he went through some details and stuff about purchasing a short sale and other things, he "educated us" So as apprehensive as we were we decided to attend a first time buyers class in Englewood...waste of time as it turns out Everything they told us we had already learned from Keith. We decided then that he was honest. During the process of "shopping" for our home I always felt comfortable with Keith because he would never pitch a house even if it were immaculate, he simply left that to us. Naturally he would inform us of the details and history of the home and relate to us if it were a good deal or not. On one occasion we entered a showing and immediately walked back out laughing! Keith never said anything about our 2 year old tagging along..after all it was her home too...(i kinda got the feeling he liked her...alot!) I can go on and on with our experience with Keith, but i would have more time to write a book. To cut to the chase it would be a great benefit to you to hire Keith. We ended up purchasing a short sale...Keith as you well know is a short sale EXPERT! Through the entire process we NEVER ONCE felt we were "left out" for any reason, if Keith received an update..BAM! we would have an email or phone call immediately! Keith is real and down to earth, my wife and i both felt he was in it for us and not just a paycheck (which he earned!) We are now owners of our house and the fresh paint is still wet. We thank Keith for all he has done and the hard work he put into our future. I for one consider Keith my friend not a real estate agent. So again, God uses people to bless people.
Thank You Keith, looking forward to the BB-Q!!!!

Rob, Chris & Hope

Denver, CO

July 21, 2010

We were referred to Keith at a time in our life of great need. Keith came to our rescue as an expert in the real estate market and in the specialized field of short sales. Keith is a consummate professional, a seasoned expert in his field, and became a friend along the way. We were impressed from day one through the entire process with his knowledge and compassion. Keith is truly a professional and his knowledge and compassion for helping those in need shows through with each interaction and throughout the stressful and often times difficult short sale process. Keith took care of us every step of the way and made the process easier and less scary.

Keith's experience with the real estate market and his understanding of the short sale process is outstanding. Keith had our home sold in 4 months and our short sale completed in just under 2 months from the time we got our offer which is unheard of in the industry. And to top it off, he got all this completed while dealing with 2 banks on our behalf. We were totally impressed. Keith always had our best interest at heart and made sure the banks and buyers understood our situation and presented our desires appropriately. From the communication with the banks to his organized approach in showing the home, to helping with the buyers, and in helping us understand the ins and outs of a short sale, Keith covered every aspect of the transaction thoroughly and with professionalism and compassion. Everyone who worked with Keith in our transaction was comfortable and knew he was a great person to work with.

Without a doubt, Keith is the best Short Sale Specialist and Real Estate Agent in the industry. We highly recommended him to anyone! He saved us from foreclosure and helped us successfully negotiate full settlement with both our banks. We could not have done this without him and are eternally grateful!

Thank you Keith!!!!!!!!!!

Randy and Tracie

Highlands Ranch, CO

June 30th, 2010

We have been working with Keith for the past year, he is a pleasure to work with and walked us through the Short sale process. It was a scary thing at first but we put full trust in Keith and he walked us through everything. He is very honest, professional and really knows he stuff!!! He worked with the banks and our buyer to make them feel comfortable and explained the process to them as well. I know for a fact our buyer continued through the process because of Keith's efforts and his knowledge. I would recommend Keith to anyone and already have. He made the process less painful and actually made it so much easier than I thought it would be.

Thank you Keith for everything you have done for us!

Kelly and Jason

Aurora, CO

February 22, 2010

We’ve known Keith from the days before he was a Realtor. He was a trusted friend. When Patty and I were ready to become home owners we contacted Keith.

It was time to move closer to the mountains, closer to our jobs, and time to pay our own mortgage and not some landlord’s mortgage. The 2+ hour round trip commute and undesirable location was a burden that needed to be lifted.

We began to look at homes that Keith narrowed down to fit our price, size, location, and style. He answered all our questions even if we kept asking the same questions over and over. He always made us understand what was going on with the situation especially working with short sale properties. Keith always was willing to arrange showings for us even on a short notice and was always professional, courteous, and well dressed.

Keith very patiently stood by us and worked with us for 8 months until we found the home we live in today. Keith is a professional, who is honest, thorough and steadfast. He was a great asset in making our dream home a reality.

Lynn & Patty

Wheat Ridge, CO

January 21, 2010

Hello again Keith my friend,

My family and I are truly grateful for all you have done for us regarding the sale of our home.

As, you know, I had been laid off from work and have had an extremely hard time finding any work. I lost my new vehicle and became unable to make the payments on our home any longer.

After trying to sell the home using an agent I have known for a very long time, my agent referred me to you as a Specialist in Short Sales.

You and I met at the house and I was thoroughly convinced you could help with our situation. You promptly listed the house and began working with my Lenders immediately.

After a few short months of showings and the dealings with the Lenders, you were able to secure a buyer and all of the means necessary to complete the transaction and prevent any further stress and grief that my family had been suffering from.

The closing was made so very simple and comfortable for me and my Family. Now we are moving forward with our lives again and recovering well thanks to you.

We will always be forever thankful for you coming into our lives at a very difficult time and saving the day. You are an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope many more people will put their trust in you as we did. They will be extremely glad they did.


Jeff C.

Arvada, CO

January 19, 2010

I found myself in a situation where I knew I could not keep my house. I had to consider a short sale. Keith came highly recommended by a real estate attorney I knew. He spent several hours with me at our first meeting just discussing the ins and outs of the short sale process. I felt very informed and confident in his experience to move forward. He also offered to assist me in repairing credit damage I would incur as a result. I had minimal documents to prepare on my end. While Keith had two mortgage companies to deal with on my behalf. He also had a less than willing ex spouse to deal with. He had to track this person down for signatures and documentation. He submitted a tremendous amount of paperwork required by the mortgage companies. The house was listed at a reasonable price and showings began. I was shocked that I had an offer 5 days after the property was listed. I was nervous the buyer may get impatient of the short sale process. Keith checked in with the mortgages companies weekly to see where we stood. He constantly had updates for everyone, which was very reassuring for the buyer. Keith's professionalism and expertise in this process impressed my buyer's realtor. He actually referred some clients onto to Keith who needed to pursue a short sale. My particular mortgage companies were not quick in their decision to approve the sale, but it did go through. The other less willing half of the short sale did not show up for the closing, making Keith's job more difficult. He had to track this person down on a Friday night to get signatures. He also made a trip to home depot for me, as I had purchased the wrong type of fire alarm for the house! Keith will see it through no matter what. He puts a tremendous amount of work in, really above and beyond! He handles those curveballs so calmly and professionally. Keith is an outstanding realtor and one heck of a nice guy! I am extremely grateful to him.


Westminster, CO

October 17th 2009

Our mortgage company increased our interest rate to the point we could no longer make our house payment. Our house was in foreclosure. At that time there were many flyers in the mail stating they were ready to help us. We contacted a few and most of them all said there was nothing they could do. We called Keith and he believed he could help us. We met with him several times and he contacted our mortgage company and the attorneys handling the foreclosure. After all his hard work we found ourselves with a loan modification and a lower interest rate. Keith made it possible for us to keep our home. “Thank you” does not cover what he did for us and we are eternally grateful!

Dick & Rosemary

Denver, CO

August 22, 2008

Dear Prospective Clients of Keith Kozielski,

My wife and I first met Keith early in 2007. He assisted us in advertising our home so that we could rent it. We were impressed with his knowledge and willingness to help. We knew that such a person could help us down the road when we prepared to sell or buy a different home. Sure enough, that opportunity arose about a year later. In March, 2008, we decided to sell our home. Due to job changes, housing market drops, and a few other issues, we found ourselves in danger of having our home foreclosed upon. We decided to pursue a short sale with Keith's expertise and assistance. In a short sale scenario, Keith prepares the entire sale package for the mortgage company. He finds the buyer and sees that all the title work is complete and leg work covered. The mortgage company simply has to decide whether they will accept the buyer's offer, since it is always less then what is owed on the home. Keith makes it very easy for the present mortgage holder to call the shot, one way or the other. In our case, HFC, our mortgage company, accepted the amount offered by the buyer. But let's not jump the gun.

We had till May 14th to find a buyer and get the house sold. After examining comp homes and what the market could accept price-wise, Keith determined a listing price that would generate lots of showings and offers. After just 10 showings in late March and early April, we had two offers. One party had a contingency, the other did not. The first offer folks were able to remove their contingency, so we pursued the sale.

A hurdle we faced in the showing process was that our home was being lived in by a family of 5 during the showings. Simply put, this family did not keep the house ship-shape. So it did not show well. The renters cooperated in walking folks through the home during showings, but did not attempt to clean it up ahead of time. Keith dealt with this unfortunate fact calmly and professionally during the showing period. The folks that wound up buying the home saw through the clutter and the underlying beauty. One reason they could see that was because of the virtual tour Keith had created of our home a year prior when we were trying to rent the home. That virtual tour saved us.

Another major hurdle we had to clear was the federal tax liens that we had on our property. I had connected with IRS agents in Fort Collins and the information they gave me was not very helpful. We decided to go straight to the top. Keith went to the IRS state office in Denver. He found the individual agent that was assigned our case, found out what dollar amount the IRS would need to release the liens (which was about 5% of the total owed), and the sale was on.

Long story short, after one schedule change that actually gave us an extra month to close, we sold the house to the first-offer folks. The closing was June 10th.

Tons of things were accomplished in just three short months. None of them would have been possible without Keith's guidance, positive attitude, professionalism, and constant hope that the deal would all come together. Our hats are off to Keith. He is a remarkable realtor and a very good human being. You'd be wise to hitch your wagon to his team.


Jeff and Deb Sizer

Johnstown, CO

Keith, I have to say you are "the hardest working Realtor in Real Estate"!

I sincerely appreciate the extra effort and follow through and quality of service you have provided to us. We can't thank you enough. I am not sure I would be satisfied with a regular Realtor again. There is plenty of mediocrity in the home sale business, of which, in the past I have been personally affected by. The level of service you have shared with our family has far exceeded ALL expectation; you have gladly gone above and beyond.

I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs real estate information and services.

To think this started with you responding to a question (nearly two years ago) about a piece of property for which I needed price and size data for a comparison for the a local town Open Space project. And I had called several Realtors for similar information for other parcels of land clearly stating my purposes with others not responding to my requests or returning my calls. The Realtor in your office who had the property listed didn't bother to call me back with the information, but YOU did! Even though you knew it had nothing to do with a purchase and I was in no way a prospective buyer. You even followed up to see if I needed anything else or data for the other properties which I initially did not get responses for.

Right there I was doubly impressed.

At a point when a private sale of my home had fell through and not come to fruition, and within a couple of month’s time home values had diminished, we found the need for a short sale on the property. I contacted several Realtors I know to get recommendations, advice and guidance for the arduous time which lie ahead in the quick sale of my home.

I found that the short sale market was lengthy and time consuming, and much too complex to even think of attempting on our own. Only one of them had completed the process of a short sale, one of them said I would "just have to bring a lot of money to the table" (closing), the other was willing to try but didn't know what to do.

Although I know and trust these people, the answers I received didn't bring any comfort level to this huge business type decision and in my case involved hundreds of thousands of dollars of which I could be left with such a dire situation, we could have been facing foreclosure if it didn't work out. I thought of Keith, (whose name was extremely difficult to read and pronounce from his business card) but who made a real and positive impression on me. So I called him, just to get one more opinion.

I tend to have a "make it happen attitude", that "where there is a will there is a way", but the house sale thing was making me wonder if there was a way to work through it.

Keith responded right away with plenty of useful information, a great attitude and answers which I felt could provide closure to a scary situation. He didn't promise us a perfect outcome but did promise us he would work as hard as he could. Both of us felt that he was the right choice for the job.

With the market being soft, and the price point of our home, and initial buyers who had to withdraw their offer, the process was intense. Keith was always calm and reassuring that he was working hard to get the job done and to leave the stressful part to him and put it back on his shoulders, and he would take care of it.

He did! Keith is an amazing professional. He took care of everything and did an excellent job.
We are still so pleased with the work he did for us, but he did so much more than his job.

We do really appreciate you Keith!

Carol and John Mauch

Mead, CO

Dear Future Curious Homeowners,

It is with great pride that I write this letter. My husband and I purchase our first home in 2003. After many wonderful memories and years, we were facing the most devastating situation. By 2007, we had two choices, either we lose our home and ruin our credit, or we file bankruptcy and still lose our home. Although I was diligent in trying to keep our home, everywhere I turned, no one would help us. We were some of the first homeowners that realized big trouble was coming. Finally, at the end of our rope, even after being advised that for-closure was our only option, we arranged a meeting with Keith. I have to admit that at first we were doubtful. Here was this stranger promising to help us, claiming he could save our credit, keep our dreams alive for the future, and that he was going to stick by us till the end. I was elated, when weekly we received his call, even if nothing had progressed. He kept his word. In a few short months, we were able to short sale our house. Even when those moments of discouragement came, Keith was there. I am proud to say that to this day, he is a part of our family. Losing our first home was tragic, but when you have a true, honest friend by your side, it all seems so small now. We are now planning on buying another house and I can honestly say that it won’t happen without Keith. I hope you take my advice. Keith is an awesome individual. Our world needs more people like him. Have a Blessed life.

Josh and Jessica Burk

Aurora, Colorado

"I would like to thank and recommend Keith Kozielski to serve any and all of your realty needs, especially if you are facing a short sale. By pricing the house correctly, we had more showings than I ever thought we would. He supplied me with the advice and information to get an offer on my house in a very tough market. And once we received the offer he quickly compiled and submitted all 90 pages of documentation we needed to give to my mortgage company in order for them to approve the short sale. When my mortgage company told me how long this process typically takes, I was extremely worried about losing the offer, but like I said Keith sent everything they needed the first time and within 2 weeks it was approved, compare that with 2-3 months the mortgage company originally told me".

"Again I would like to thank Keith for all his hard work, honesty and foresight to get my house sold in tough housing market in an even tougher mountain area".


Matt E.

Rollinsville, CO

Dear Keith,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand what short sales are and your relentless support throughout the whole process from the beginning to the very end. I am very grateful for your professionalism and diligence as well as for all of the friendly advice during the long months of difficult anticipation.

I was in a very troublesome situation when my mother passed away. I thought that the only way out of the problems would have to be a foreclosure on the house she had lived in. While I wish the circumstances were different and I had not had to sell the house via a short sale, although I truly do not think that there could have been a person who could do a better job than you. It was amazing how very quickly you got the house on the market, how you adjusted the price just right and only when necessary and that you dealt with our lender with the very minimal involvement on my part.

Both my family and I are very grateful; please do not hesitate to call me if I can ever assist you with anything. I hope for all of the best to you in all of your future endeavors.



Firestone, CO

We desperately needed to sell our house. We could not afford the payments. It was worth less than we owed. We needed a short sale specialist. Keith was recommended to us and proved to be the diligent, detail oriented, persistent, meticulous advocate that could help us out of our situation. We knew from the moment we met that he genuinely cared about our success and prosperity.

Keith was very honest with us about the value of our home, the process he'd take us through, what we needed to provide, what he'd provide, what we could expect, how long it would take, etc. Not only did he list, promote and market our house perfectly, but he also set expectations with buyers, buyers' agents and the mortgage companies about the process, timeframe, steps, etc. Keith handled everything so our stress level went WAY DOWN.

Keith got the house under contract quickly, for full price. Then that's when the real work started -- he stayed on top of the dealings, transaction, negotiations and communication with the mortgage company (and buyers) to get all of the legwork done so we could close.

Keith is a consummate professional, an excellent communicator, an empathetic friend, and a real estate expert highly skilled in all types of transactions, including short sales. He truly cares about his clients and their well being. He is not just there to sell your house, he's there to help you get your life and finances going in the right direction so you can fulfill your dreams and be prosperous. I HIGHLY recommend him!


Ryan & Angie

Longmont, CO

Unfortunately I was in a tough situation when I had to make the decision to sell my condo. I was struggling financially and the real estate market seemed to be taking a turn for the worse. There were many condos for sale in my community and I knew it was going to be a challenge to sell because the value of my condo was worth less than what I paid for it. Luckily my fiancé knew Keith and recommended me to meet with him to find out what my options were. Keith explained in detail what my options were and he did it in a way that I could understand. He didn't put any pressure on me or force his services.

After giving it some thought I realized Keith would be the man for the job and he listed my home in May 2008. My house went on the market right away and he took control from there. He kept me updated when he found out any information and really stood on top of things. Since I was doing a short sale on my home, it required Keith to be very persistent with the mortgage companies.

Thanks to Keith's constant determination and hard work, my condo sold and we had a closing date by the end of the summer! It was such a relief and I praised Keith for being so patient with me and the overall situation. I would recommend Keith to any of my family members and friends who were looking to sell or buy a home!



Denver, CO

With the decline of the real estate market over the past few years made selling a home nearly impossible. I realized that we needed some serious help when we moved from Colorado to New Jersey to start a new career. We were getting close to not being able to keep up with all our finances. Keith had fast growing reputation as the leading agent in the area of short sales.

We took action with Keith and followed his instructions on re-listing our home. Within a short period of time we had multiple offers on the house. Keith took charge of the process, he had a strategy from accepting the offer, to dealing with the submission of paperwork to the mortgage company, negotiating a win-win solution for all parties and kept every party informed at all times.

Keith’s knowledge and resources in this unknown area of real estate sales was an integral part of saving us from serious financial woes. We were able to sell our house on a short sale and were relieved of a massive burden physically, mentally, and emotionally. He truly saved us.

Jason and Jamie

Golden, CO

My husband and I chose Keith Kozielski to help us short sell our house after it had been on the market for eight months with another real estate agent. Although we had no shortage of interested buyers, and several offers, we were unable to get our first and second mortgages to agree on the terms of the sale. As we were unsettled with the lack of progress, and as we feared foreclosure would be inevitable, we knew it was time to contact an aggressive real estate agent who would be able to help us negotiate with our lenders. After listing our house with Keith, not only was he able to get our two banks to agree, he also got us a new offer. Our house closed within 3 months. I would recommend Keith to anyone who finds themselves in a short-sale situation. Thank you Keith!

Jayme & Shannon

Dacono, CO

I met Keith while sitting in my garage trying to figure out what I was going to do with a house I could not afford anymore. Keith was out walking around handing out flyers, walking the pavement. That was impressive to me as my father was a real estate agent in California and I watched him pound the pavement too. That day, as Keith came up, he didn't know he was walking up to someone who needed his help. I told him my situation and he assured me he could help and would be there every step of the way, and he was. If I ever had a question or just needed reassurance that everything was ok Keith was there. Keith worked with my lenders, my divorce attorney and everything in between. It was very important that my divorce attorney be kept in the loop and Keith made sure he knew what was going on and where we stood at every turn. Keith worked hard to find me a buyer, updating me on what the market was and what houses were going for around me. Just when I thought the house wasn't going to sell, Keith came to me with a buyer, and worked to get me the best deal. I worried my lenders would not accept, but Keith got it through just like he said he would. In the end, Keith was able to take a massive burden off my shoulders and help me get started to putting myself back on my feet.

Thanks Keith!


Firestone, CO