KPK Realty offers free loan modification assistance to all homeowners. Working with your lender on a loan modification can be frustrating to most homeowners unfamiliar with the process. KPK Realty has 4 years of experience helping homeowners with the modification process. We have up to date contact information for every lender big or small and know exactly what to submit for your application. You can allow KPK Realty to handle you loan modification from beginning to end free of charge, or spend countless hours on the phone with your lender learning what we already know.

The question always arises “what’s in it for KPK Realty” – “nothing is for free”? While we receive no monetary compensation for assisting borrowers with a loan modification we do gain the opportunity to prove ourselves as a company. We operate under the motto “Results Through Integrity”. In the past decade there where thousands of mortgage and real estate companies who operated under unethical practices which caused the state of our housing market today. That is why most of these companies do not exist today. We are changing the face of business and bringing back honest, ethical customer service. To earn your trust we apply the “Get by Giving“ philosophy. We’ll give you outstanding service and results, and in return, we’ll gain your trust. So what is in it for KPK Realty? – your trust. Your trust in KPK Realty is invaluable to us since you will become our biggest advocate and when anyone mentions real estate, you will mention KPK Realty.

What to expect

  • Our loan modification process begins with a personal meeting at your residence to go over your situation and develop the best plan possible. We will advise you on all your options and educate you on the pros and cons of every decision you will have to make.
  • Next we will execute our plan and obtain all the required documentation needed. We will prepare a professional and complete report to submit to your lender for review. We will verify that they have received all the proper documentation then allow them to begin their underwriting review.
  • While your lender is reviewing your application we follow up with them every Wednesday to ensure that they do not need any additional information and that they are on track to complete the review according to their timeline.
  • Once the review is complete we will help you decipher any proposals that are offered to you and advise you on the pros and cons of their offer. Once an agreement is reached we will help you fill out the final paperwork to submit to your lender and get your modification finalized.

There are no guarantees that a lender will approve you for a loan modification. If you are declined or we determine from our first personal meeting that you will not qualify for the HAMP program or any of your lender’s in-house programs be assured KPK Realty can advise you on foreclosure alternatives. We can answer all your questions regarding short sales (HAFA or conventional), foreclosure, bankruptcy, credit damage, credit repair, tax implications, judgments, liens, renting, future loans, and employment after a short sale or foreclosure.

Expect Results through Integrity